Help+Manual 6 small maintenance update

Help+Manual 6 build 2310 is available from our download page!

This maintenance update fixes a few minor glitches from the initial 6.0 release version and increases the Webhelp full-text indexing limit to 65,000 pages per Webhelp system.

  • Technical indexing limit of Webhelp full-text indexer increased to 65.000 pages per Webhelp output
  • Syntax highlighter for software code examples always used default colors
  • The dropdown gallery, that helps you to quickly insert images in topics, did not work  in some cases
  • Webhelp output: horizontal lines were exported with color white
  • In the German UI it was not possible to modify user defined variables
  • Publishing (general): publishing options for skins are now saved with the project
  • Problems with automated batch compilation fixed

We recommend to download the update and install it over your existing version of Help & Manual 6. Deinstallation of the previous version is not required.

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