Help+Manual 6.0.2 Maintenance Update

This is a regular maintenance update, which is free for all Help+Manual 6 users. The update addresses several minor problems that surfaced since the initial release last November.

User interface:

  • Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down keeps focus in editor.
  • Insert snippet dialog box is now sizable.
  • Glitch with height calculation of multi-line image captions in editor fixed (in some rare cases, image captions were too high).
  • MathType (formula editor) OLE objects update bug fixed.
  • When saving HMXZ as HMXP, the reference in the XSL file still pointed to the internal old project name.
  • Editing styles dialog box: glitch when defining print styles differently than screen styles, while print settings actually inherit from the parent style or from defaults


  • Help & Manual 2 Go server: HTML pages are served with a header that force the browser to clear the local cache everytime.
  • Webhelp: small bug in navigation script fixed (expand all or expand top level on load did not work), preloading TOC icons failed. TOC expand/collapse did not work when TOC was scrolled down.
  • HTML image toggles in lightboxes: the compiler switch <IF_TOGGLES> was still true for lightbox toggle images.
  • HTML/CSS modifications: small glitch in Webhelp keyword index fixed, heading1 to heading6 styles inherited a browser default font weight “bold”. If a heading style has a regular font-weight, this is now explicitely defined in the CSS.
  • Javascript popup topics: position was wrong when the topic was called from an image hotspot.
  • Toggle images in lightboxes: explicit z-index added to avoid conflicts with other Webhelp designs that use a z-index explicitely.
  • MSIE “edge” tag implemented in standard templates and skins. This tag forces Internet Explorer to use its best and most advanced mode in any case.

 IPAD Export and EXE e-books:

  • IPad/ePUB: modified <td> tags – explicit width and height were removed to avoid problems with several ePUB readers with fixed tables.
  • EXE ebooks: images with blanks in file names (and other special characters) did not work in EXE e-books.
  • Batch export: delete temporary files for ePUB was ignored.
  • Batch export: include builds were ignored under certain conditions.

 PDF Export:

  • PDF configuration: PDF template setting has been removed from the configuration, as the template is set directly in the publishing dialog.
  • Publishing dialog: the PDF manual template preview image function raised an error, if an MNL template was damaged – it now silently ignores the error and displays a generic preview image.
  • Centered or right-aligned images with a caption appeared left-aligned in PDF.
  • First blank line after an embedded topic was deleted while merging the content.
  • PDF and RTF export: if a dropdown toggle was set to “not print expanded”, an error occured.
  • When the editor option “Show paragraph marks” was on and automatic hyphenation was active as well, the text space was calculated too large in the PDF file.
  • Problem with character spacing in Russian documents fixed.

 German version:

  • A couple of glitches in the German UI translation fixed.
  • Spell checker hyphenation with German hyphenation dictionary: if a word contained the character ™, the German dictionary returned a damaged string.


Please download version 6.0.2 from this link.

  1. #1 by swp on December 13, 2011 - 11:03 am

    Hallo, der DL-Link verweist noch auf die version 6.0.1.

  2. #2 by Alexander Halser on December 13, 2011 - 11:07 am

    Please refresh the download page, the download link is up-to-date with 6.0.2.

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