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Help+Manual 6.3: Webhelp with context numbers and revised import

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.3! This is a free update for all registered 6.xx users.

The focus for this update was on the import functions – Winhelp, Robohelp, HTML and Word/RTF import have been revised or completely reimplemented. The Winhelp (.hlp) import in particular has become significantly faster, Robohelp import reads more project details (e.g. conditional text), Word/RTF import now fully resolves in-document links and the generic HTML import has got extended import options.

The second most important new feature is about Webhelp: Help & Manual’s Webhelp has always been context-sensitive and you could display a particular topic by referencing the topic ID after the question mark in the url. Now, we added context numbers as well! Help & Manual 6.3 exports Webhelp with context numbers that can be called alternatively, similar to the context-sensitive help calls in HTML Help.

Furthermore, we have added new features to the UI to improve usability and implemented an option to exclude topics from full-text search in CHM files.

Last, not least, we have fixed several bugs in Visual Studio Help (.mshc), especially with multiple projects.

Adjustable font size for the main window UI


New features in version 6.3: 

  • Webhelp: context numbers implemented
  • Webhelp: after publishing H&M now automatically opens the selected topic in the browser (like with CHM files). This will illustrate how to use Webhelp with context-sensitivity, without explaining it with lots of words.
  • Webhelp: sitemaps are split if they exceed the maximum size of 50.000 urls or 10 megabyte in size
  • HTML Help (.chm): topics that start with an underscore “_” can be excluded from search (new option in HTML > Misc)
  •  New editor option (in File > Program Options): smart selection. If switched off, the topic editor uses a character-only selection, more suitable for Asian languages.
  • Main window UI: menus now use system font size instead of hard-coded font size. The View tab has a new option to adjust the menu font size relatively to the system font (smaller/default/larger).
  • Topic editor, ruler above editor: the ruler got a context menu to quickly access the paragraph options and to customize the topic editor
  • Topic editor: when making selected text a keyword, soft hyphens are filtered out
  • PNG images in editor show alpha transparency
  • Insert link dialog: some accelerator keys changed
  • Insert Picture (Write tab): a second link to the screen capture tool has been inserted in the drop-down menu of this button for easier access. 
  • Synchronize tool now handles repositories

Revised document import:

  • Winhelp (.hpj) import: this function has been completely reimplemented, making it significantly faster and more accurate when resolving links.
  • HTML Help (.chm) import: improved style handling, small bug fixes.
  • Word/RTF import: in-document links are now resolved, one rare case of crash has been fixed.
  • Generic HTML import: improved style handling and extended import options implemented.

Other bug fixes, changes and improvements:

  • Visual Studio Help (.mshc): problems with toggles fixed for VS 2012. The MSHC server modifies the HTML source at runtime and inserts hard-coded image path to every image, breaking our toggle images. The new toggle script now preserves any existing path and re-uses it.
  • Problem fix for Webhelp: collapse unfocused entries delivery false positives in some cases (javascript fix) and a script leak in the frame template was fixed to prevent cross-site scripting.
  • Find & Replace: bugfix when doing a bulk search with “whole word”, when clicking an entry of the result list, the first instance of the search term was highlighted regardless of the “whole word” option.
  • Topic editor and spell checker: the characters « and » are now recognized as quote characters.
  • PDF output: named destinations did not work in some cases. Named are now all exported as lowercase. Furthermore, the strikethrough format was not placed correctly and the trademark ™ symbol forced entire line to be exported as glyphs, which has been fixed. Also changed: you can now use variables with the owner and user password.
  • Subversion: modal dialog problem fixed, bug fix for German umlauts in project names.
  • Project report: images that exist in baggage files only, were flagged as “missing” in the full project report, snippets located in the project were wrong.
  • Snippets: when inserting snippets as a copy, the snippet styles were not correctly applied. Switching between screen and print preview did not switch the linked snippets.
  • HTML Help (.chm): if the CHM window title contained double quotes, they were not properly replaced by single quotes (MS HTML Help Workshop cannot deal with double quotes in the window title).
  • After performing “Save as”, some table of contents entries could become read-only when a right-click on the TOC was performed right after this.
  • Minor glitches in EPUB fixed.
  • Problem with SourceGear Vault VCS fixed.



Version 6.3 is a free update for all 6.x users. Please get the update from our download page:



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