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Premium Pack 2.30 Update Supports Android and Windows Touch

The 2.30 update to the Help & Manual Premium Pack is now available and adds several important and valuable new features. Many of these features have also been added to the simultaneous 1.57 update for the original Premium Pack 1 skins for Help & Manual 6.

How to get the updates for 2.30 and 1.57: 

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

New Features:

Android Compatibility:

Both the dedicated WebHelp skins and the Classic Dual-Mode skins are now compatible with current Android tablets and smartphones, with fast touch response and rotation support. With Firefox or Opera for Android it is even possible to use them with older Android devices, back to 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The dedicated smartphone skins are also still available, of course.

Windows Touch Compatibility:

Similarly, the skins will now also work with Windows 8 touch devices like the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrids and Windows 8 laptops with touch screens. This will work best with Windows 8.1, which has radically improved support for this functionality.

Current topic URL in browser Address bar:

The WebHelp, Classic Dual-Mode, iPad and Smartphone skins now all show the real URL to the current topic in the browser Address: bar as soon as the topic is loaded (index.html?topic.htm#anchor). This works in all modern browsers and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and higher. IE 9 and earlier do not support this function and show the same static URLs as before.

Changes for New Google Indexing Behavior:

Google no longer indexes pages that automatically reload themselves. To accommodate this, topic pages in WebHelp now no longer automatically reload themselves with the table of contents when they are linked to directly, for example from search result links. Instead, the topic opens on its own with a highlighted link or button at the top with which the user can display the table of contents.

Open in a New Tab from the Table of Contents:

As a result of the Google change, it is now also possible to use the browser’s “open in new tab” function to open topics in a new tab or window from the links in the TOC. Changes have been made to ensure that this works smoothly.

Bug fixes and issues:

A number of smaller issues reported by some users have also been fixed in this update.

WebHelp Skins:

  • Disqus comments in Google Chrome displayed incorrectly due to changes in Disqus’ iFrame behavior.

  • Topics opened on their own without the TOC displayed incorrectly in some versions of Internet Explorer

Dual-Mode Classic Skins:

  • On some systems it was necessary to activate Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 9 to prevent the Classic skins from displaying a blank page in WebHelp. This is now no longer necessary.

CHM Skins:

  • When the file link fixer function was active KLinks and ALinks inserted with the Script Link function (for example for automated See Also lists) failed because the links were incorrectly converted.

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