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Help+Manual 6.4.1 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.4.1! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

With the recent release of version 6.4 we had implemented an update to the internal error tracking system used in Help+Manual. Unfortunately, this updated error tracker causes errors instead of just tracking and reporting them. Several new runtime errors occurred which were magically gone when removing the bug tracker. Version 6.4.1 now has the error tracking system removed, to aovid these problems.

We appologize for the problems and recommend to install v6.4.1 over your existing 6.x version.

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.4.1:

    • New – Insert topics dialog:  detailed and dedicated options to include references to external CHMs added. It is possible to specify the HHC file of the external CHM and a dedicated relative path.
    • Two small bug fixes in XML schema Helpproject.xsd.
    • Styles: it was possible to create a style without a name.
    • PDF: underlines of justified text improved.
    • Print dialog now remembersinclude options.
    • Autobackup timer is reset every time, the project is saved manually
    • Rare error fixed when closing the tab of the main project
    • The variable <%TOPIC_DESCRIPTION%> included comments objects, which could be exported to HTML this way.
    • Help windows: 8-character restriction for help window names removed
    • Bullet points in Webhelp and EPUB: the symbol character #183 was encoded as a large circle, instead of a smaller dot.
    • Customize bullet lists dialog: entering a new format string manually could result in an access violation.
    • HPJ import: if topic footnotes were declared as endnotes, H&M did not import them correctly.
    • Selection in editor: when the project BiDiMode was <> default, selected text became white.





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