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Premium Pack 2.40/1.60a Update

The Help & Manual Premium Pack download packages for Help & Manual 6 have been updated to versions 2.40 and 1.60a. The version 1 update has just been given an “a” suffix because the changes there are very minimal: The main skins have not changed at all; the only real change is the updated version of the iPad skin that is shared with version 2.40.

In addition to some minor changes, the 2.40 package includes a new “Samurai Red” WebHelp theme in response to requests from many users, who wanted the color scheme of this theme from the old 1.x skins.

  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: New Samurai Red WebHelp theme
    This color theme was very popular in Premium Pack 1.x and has now been added as a WebHelp theme in the current 2.40 package.
  • V. 2.40 CHM: Mail Links in CHM files
    Links that created an email failed in CHM files when the file link fix function in the CHM skins was on. This has now been corrected.
  • V. 2.40 & 1.60a WebHelp & iPad: Searches enclosed in quotes
    If you use the JavaScript search platform enclosing the search argument in quotes will now only find complete words. For example, searching for “red dog” will only find topics that contain the exact words “red” and “dog”, not “Redmond” or “doggone”. You still need to use PHP or ASP search to search for exact phrases, however.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: Google Chrome in full screen mode
    Google Chrome in full screen mode (F11) was incorrectly identified as a mobile browser and the new tab and undock tools were disabled.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: WebHelp in an iFrame
    Links from the parent page to WebHelp in an iFrame opened in a new tab or window instead of in the iFrame.
  • V. 2.40 and 1.60a WebHelp, iPad: Google Analytics tracking
    An issue was discovered in the Google Analytics tracking code generated by Help & Manual that could cause more than one tracking signal per page view to be sent to Google Analytics. This has now been corrected in Help & Manual and the updated WebHelp and iPad skins support this. The current version of Help & Manual is required.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: Favicon images in stand-alone topics
    The favicon image was referenced incorrectly in stand-alone topics, so that no favicon was displayed in the browser tab or title bar when a topic was displayed without the full user interface. This was almost never visible, since topics are hardly ever displayed on their own.

How to get the updates:

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

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