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Help+Manual 7.3.4 build 4380 (Bugfix)

With version 7.3.4 released last week, we had introduced a really bad bug: tables with background images could not be read anymore. This problem has been fixed with the new version 7.3.4 build 4380.

Changes in build 4380

  • Tables with background images could not be read. If a topic contained a table with a background image, Help+Manual issued an error and said it could not read the XML data. The topic was truncated starting with this table.
  • AuthorIT import: bug fix for embedded images – some embedded images could not be extracted when importing an AuthorIT project.
  • Insert Conditional Text: with 7.3.4 we introduced a feature to remember the last condition used, to make it simplier to insert new conditional text tags. This feature turned out to have a backlash – other users complained about this feature being counter-productive and not supporting the workflow. The remember function has been removed with build 4380.

Download the Help+Manual Update:

Please download the update to Help+Manual 7.3.4 from our download page and install over your existing installation of Help+Manual.

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