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Premium Pack 2.40/1.60a Update

The Help & Manual Premium Pack download packages for Help & Manual 6 have been updated to versions 2.40 and 1.60a. The version 1 update has just been given an “a” suffix because the changes there are very minimal: The main skins have not changed at all; the only real change is the updated version of the iPad skin that is shared with version 2.40.

In addition to some minor changes, the 2.40 package includes a new “Samurai Red” WebHelp theme in response to requests from many users, who wanted the color scheme of this theme from the old 1.x skins.

  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: New Samurai Red WebHelp theme
    This color theme was very popular in Premium Pack 1.x and has now been added as a WebHelp theme in the current 2.40 package.
  • V. 2.40 CHM: Mail Links in CHM files
    Links that created an email failed in CHM files when the file link fix function in the CHM skins was on. This has now been corrected.
  • V. 2.40 & 1.60a WebHelp & iPad: Searches enclosed in quotes
    If you use the JavaScript search platform enclosing the search argument in quotes will now only find complete words. For example, searching for “red dog” will only find topics that contain the exact words “red” and “dog”, not “Redmond” or “doggone”. You still need to use PHP or ASP search to search for exact phrases, however.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: Google Chrome in full screen mode
    Google Chrome in full screen mode (F11) was incorrectly identified as a mobile browser and the new tab and undock tools were disabled.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: WebHelp in an iFrame
    Links from the parent page to WebHelp in an iFrame opened in a new tab or window instead of in the iFrame.
  • V. 2.40 and 1.60a WebHelp, iPad: Google Analytics tracking
    An issue was discovered in the Google Analytics tracking code generated by Help & Manual that could cause more than one tracking signal per page view to be sent to Google Analytics. This has now been corrected in Help & Manual and the updated WebHelp and iPad skins support this. The current version of Help & Manual is required.
  • V. 2.40 WebHelp: Favicon images in stand-alone topics
    The favicon image was referenced incorrectly in stand-alone topics, so that no favicon was displayed in the browser tab or title bar when a topic was displayed without the full user interface. This was almost never visible, since topics are hardly ever displayed on their own.

How to get the updates:

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

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Help+Manual 6.5 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.5! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

This update fixes a critical bug – a small memory leak – in the handling of PNG images. Although small and only affected by PNG images, the memory allocated by Help & Manual can increase to an amount where H&M crashes. We recommend to install this update for this bug fix alone!

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.5:

    • Fix - Small memory leak with PNG images fixed.
    • HxS export (Visual Studio 20xx format): when variables were used in the table of contents, the variables were not resolved.
    • Table styles: when a table style contained spaced, the original name including the spaces was exported to HTML. This did not affect the table CSS, because the CSS is inline, but could have caused validation errors.
    • EXE eBook export: the hanging indent in numbered lists in Windows EXE eBooks was not exact. This affected EXE eBooks only, all other HTML based exports were ok.
    • Program options: when changing the UI language, H&M asks to restart automatically.
    • New - Full-text search in Webhelp: when the user enters a word in double quotation marks, the search function treats this as “exact match” search and returns full matches only.

Update May 7, Build 2961:

    • Google Analytics tracking in Webhelp: the tracking script for Google Analytics now tests if the same page has been tracked before, to prevent multiple consecutive tracks of the same page (e.g. when the page is reloaded). Multiple page tracks could reduce the search ranking in Google.
      Furthermore, in-site searches are not tracked as help events rather than page tracks.




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Review from

The editors of the Polish software website have recently reviewed Help & Manual. The original review is in Polish, but below is a link to an automated translation by Google:

Nowoczesne, niezastąpione narzędzie do tworzenia oraz edycji plików pomocy w różnych formatach ( PDF, WinHELP, HTML Help, e-Book), ze wzorowanym na edytorze tekstów interfejsem. Pozwala nie tylko tworzyć zrzuty ekranowe (screen capture), czy dowolnie kształtować szablony dokumentów, ale też projektować i drukować różnego rodzaju instrukcje dla użytkowników. Dlatego cieszy się uznaniem programistów, jako najlepsze tego typu narzędzie, którego wysoka skuteczność zaowocowała wieloma nagrodami.

Original review:

Translated by Google:




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Premium Pack 2.33/1.60 Update

The Help & Manual Premium Pack download packages for Help & Manual 6 have been updated to versions 2.33 and 1.60. This is a small maintenance update that adds the following changes:

  • V 2.x WebHelp and 1.x skins: Update to latest version of ZeroClipboard
    The Permalink tool uses the ZeroClipboard framework to copy the current permalink to the computer’s clipboard. The new version eliminates a potential vulnerability and improves performance in IE in Windows 8 in the version 2 WebHelp skins.
  • V. 2.x WebHelp skins: Internet Explorer 11 identification
    Internet Explorer 11 is now highly standards-compatible and many fixes needed for older versions are no longer necessary.
  • V. 1.x skins: “Display TOC” link in topics opened on their own:
    This link is now also displayed in topics without headers and topics with the breadcrumb navigation turned off.
  • V. 1.x skins: Scroll to anchor from URL:
    URLs to the help including anchors failed to make the target topic page scroll down to the anchor position on some browsers.
  • V. 1.x skins: Scroll to anchor from TOC:
    Scrolling to anchors from TOC entries sometimes did not work correctly In TOCs with multiple entries for the same topic.

How to get the updates:

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

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Help+Manual 6.4.1 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.4.1! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

With the recent release of version 6.4 we had implemented an update to the internal error tracking system used in Help+Manual. Unfortunately, this updated error tracker causes errors instead of just tracking and reporting them. Several new runtime errors occurred which were magically gone when removing the bug tracker. Version 6.4.1 now has the error tracking system removed, to aovid these problems.

We appologize for the problems and recommend to install v6.4.1 over your existing 6.x version.

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.4.1:

    • New - Insert topics dialog:  detailed and dedicated options to include references to external CHMs added. It is possible to specify the HHC file of the external CHM and a dedicated relative path.
    • Two small bug fixes in XML schema Helpproject.xsd.
    • Styles: it was possible to create a style without a name.
    • PDF: underlines of justified text improved.
    • Print dialog now remembersinclude options.
    • Autobackup timer is reset every time, the project is saved manually
    • Rare error fixed when closing the tab of the main project
    • The variable <%TOPIC_DESCRIPTION%> included comments objects, which could be exported to HTML this way.
    • Help windows: 8-character restriction for help window names removed
    • Bullet points in Webhelp and EPUB: the symbol character #183 was encoded as a large circle, instead of a smaller dot.
    • Customize bullet lists dialog: entering a new format string manually could result in an access violation.
    • HPJ import: if topic footnotes were declared as endnotes, H&M did not import them correctly.
    • Selection in editor: when the project BiDiMode was <> default, selected text became white.





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Premium Pack 2.32/1.59 Bugfix

The Help & Manual Premium Pack download packages for Help & Manual 6 have been updated to versions 2.32 and 1.59 correct the following bugs that were identified since the last update:

  • V 2.x WebHelp and 1.x skins: Error in browser identification
    An error in the browser identification routine could cause problems in some versions of Internet Explorer, usually in compatibility mode. This particularly affected Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 (which is no longer supported by Microsoft and should actually no longer be used there).
  • V. 2.x WebHelp skins: Freeze on zoom with mouse wheel in Chrome, Opera and Safari
    All these browsers now use the same HTML rendering engine and are affected by the same bug. The freeze happened if the user tried to zoom before selecting the Search tab at least once, because the dimensions of the elements on the search page were still in an undefined state.
  • V. 1.x skins: Initialization error:
    A build script error in an error on startup in WebHelp generated with the Classic Dual-Mode skins.
  • Help update:
    The help topics on the iPad and mobile devices have been updated for the new compatibility with a wider range of mobile devices.

How to get the updates:

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

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Premium Pack 2.30 Update Supports Android and Windows Touch

The 2.30 update to the Help & Manual Premium Pack is now available and adds several important and valuable new features. Many of these features have also been added to the simultaneous 1.57 update for the original Premium Pack 1 skins for Help & Manual 6.

How to get the updates for 2.30 and 1.57: 

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

New Features:

Android Compatibility:

Both the dedicated WebHelp skins and the Classic Dual-Mode skins are now compatible with current Android tablets and smartphones, with fast touch response and rotation support. With Firefox or Opera for Android it is even possible to use them with older Android devices, back to 2.3.6 Gingerbread. The dedicated smartphone skins are also still available, of course.

Windows Touch Compatibility:

Similarly, the skins will now also work with Windows 8 touch devices like the Microsoft Surface and other Windows 8 tablet/laptop hybrids and Windows 8 laptops with touch screens. This will work best with Windows 8.1, which has radically improved support for this functionality.

Current topic URL in browser Address bar:

The WebHelp, Classic Dual-Mode, iPad and Smartphone skins now all show the real URL to the current topic in the browser Address: bar as soon as the topic is loaded (index.html?topic.htm#anchor). This works in all modern browsers and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and higher. IE 9 and earlier do not support this function and show the same static URLs as before.

Changes for New Google Indexing Behavior:

Google no longer indexes pages that automatically reload themselves. To accommodate this, topic pages in WebHelp now no longer automatically reload themselves with the table of contents when they are linked to directly, for example from search result links. Instead, the topic opens on its own with a highlighted link or button at the top with which the user can display the table of contents.

Open in a New Tab from the Table of Contents:

As a result of the Google change, it is now also possible to use the browser’s “open in new tab” function to open topics in a new tab or window from the links in the TOC. Changes have been made to ensure that this works smoothly.

Bug fixes and issues:

A number of smaller issues reported by some users have also been fixed in this update.

WebHelp Skins:

  • Disqus comments in Google Chrome displayed incorrectly due to changes in Disqus’ iFrame behavior.

  • Topics opened on their own without the TOC displayed incorrectly in some versions of Internet Explorer

Dual-Mode Classic Skins:

  • On some systems it was necessary to activate Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer 9 to prevent the Classic skins from displaying a blank page in WebHelp. This is now no longer necessary.

CHM Skins:

  • When the file link fixer function was active KLinks and ALinks inserted with the Script Link function (for example for automated See Also lists) failed because the links were incorrectly converted.

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Help+Manual 6.4 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.4! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users.

Besides several small changes and improvements,  we have added the functionality to conditionally include/exclude entire table rows and columns. Help & Manual always had extensive support for conditional text on chapter, topic and text level. Excluding entire table rows or columns, however, was not possible and this has been changed:

The second new feature is about translation of images. Impict, the full featured image editor that comes bundled with Help & Manual, can batch process translated texts. To explain it simply, you save the text fields of Impict images to XML files, let them translate, then re-import the translation into the original image. Manually. If anything changes, the process needs to be repeated. With version 6.4 you can do the re-import and export to another image format in a batch process, folder by folder, not image by image.

Minor changes

  • Webhelp: sitemap url can contain user variables.
  • Webhelp: Default for FORCETOCSYNC setting in configuration changed to FALSE.
  • Webhelp: small bug fix, the file that contains HTML popup topics was not released after Webhelp export, effectively locking it until H&M was closed.
  • Webhelp main skin changed, so that TOC is no longer automatically synchronized. TOC link implemented in header with rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  • PDF/Print: wrong page break calculation caused floating images on the first line of a topic to hang off the bottom of the page.
  • Toggles (dropdown texts) in PDF: when “no icon” is specified, H&M removes the indentation before the text heading, toggle images with caption were exported as left aligned.
  • Toggle images: when using the variable <%HMFIGURECOUNTER%> in the title or caption of a toggle image (and using the same settings for expanded/collapsed), the counter was incremented twice.
  • Toggle images: using a percent “%” character in the title or caption of a toggle caused a runtime Javascript error (the script in helpman_topicinit.js did a decodeURI for every attribute, not just for the hm.srcX attributes.
  • ePUB: rare TOC export error fixed (chapter heading without text and no sub-entries caused H&M to stop the compilation).
  • Multiple ampersands in text caused Russian text to be not converted in CHMs on a Russian windows system.
  • Bugfixes topic editor: when inserting rows or columns in a table and the context menu was called by pressing the Windows menu button, H&M created an AV (in Richview, actually). Word-break before parantheses was possible such as in function();. Bullets problem on Polish Windows 7 fixed (Wingdings #216 and #217 were not displayed correctly). Inserting new videos: the text style “Image Caption” is now applied by default.
  • When creating a link with drag & drop from the TOC into a topic and the source project was not identical with the target project, the project reference was not assigned.
  • RTF export: small bug fixed, when duplicate chapter headings (non-topics) were not repeated
  • Invalid PNG images could crash H&M
  • CHM import: when a CHM contained ambigious image names (duplicate images in different internal folders), the image names were not correctly resolved in some cases (e.g. with “..\myfolder\image.jpg”)
  • Positioning of dialog windows on secondary monitors improved, positioning of the image padding popup window on secondary monitors was wrong.
  • Full project report: videos and video preview images are reported. Furthermore, when toggle image used a different picture for collapsed view, this picture was missing in the project report.
  • Subversion: updated message when connecting to an SVN repository, plus an OK message when successful. Host address is internally lowercased to avoid crash with SVN, URL protection added to browsing function.



Download link:





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Premium Pack updates for H&M 6.3

The Premium Pack 1.x and 2.x packages have both been updated for compatibility with Help & Manual 6.3. This was necessary to support the new option that makes it possible to link to CHM context ID numbers with URLs in WebHelp, so that your programmers can use the same IDs for linking to both CHM help files and the WebHelp versions. In addition to this all three packages (including 1.x for HM5) have also been updated to correct a couple of very obscure potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that we have become aware of (to the best of our knowledge, these have never been exploited). And as an additional freebie, the 1.56 update package for HM6 now also includes the full 2.20 version of the iPad skin with offline web app support.

How to get the updates:

If you are a registered user of any of these Premium Pack packages (1.x for HM5, 1.x for HM6, 2.x for HM6) you can get the new 1.56 and 2.20 versions with the download link and installation key you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you have misplaced those please contact support AT (replace the AT with @)  and we will help you out.

Change Log

In addition to the above, the following minor fixes and improvements are included in the updates: Read the rest of this entry »

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Help+Manual 6.3: Webhelp with context numbers and revised import

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.3! This is a free update for all registered 6.xx users.

The focus for this update was on the import functions – Winhelp, Robohelp, HTML and Word/RTF import have been revised or completely reimplemented. The Winhelp (.hlp) import in particular has become significantly faster, Robohelp import reads more project details (e.g. conditional text), Word/RTF import now fully resolves in-document links and the generic HTML import has got extended import options.

The second most important new feature is about Webhelp: Help & Manual’s Webhelp has always been context-sensitive and you could display a particular topic by referencing the topic ID after the question mark in the url. Now, we added context numbers as well! Help & Manual 6.3 exports Webhelp with context numbers that can be called alternatively, similar to the context-sensitive help calls in HTML Help.

Furthermore, we have added new features to the UI to improve usability and implemented an option to exclude topics from full-text search in CHM files.

Last, not least, we have fixed several bugs in Visual Studio Help (.mshc), especially with multiple projects.

Adjustable font size for the main window UI


New features in version 6.3: 

  • Webhelp: context numbers implemented
  • Webhelp: after publishing H&M now automatically opens the selected topic in the browser (like with CHM files). This will illustrate how to use Webhelp with context-sensitivity, without explaining it with lots of words.
  • Webhelp: sitemaps are split if they exceed the maximum size of 50.000 urls or 10 megabyte in size
  • HTML Help (.chm): topics that start with an underscore “_” can be excluded from search (new option in HTML > Misc)
  •  New editor option (in File > Program Options): smart selection. If switched off, the topic editor uses a character-only selection, more suitable for Asian languages.
  • Main window UI: menus now use system font size instead of hard-coded font size. The View tab has a new option to adjust the menu font size relatively to the system font (smaller/default/larger).
  • Topic editor, ruler above editor: the ruler got a context menu to quickly access the paragraph options and to customize the topic editor
  • Topic editor: when making selected text a keyword, soft hyphens are filtered out
  • PNG images in editor show alpha transparency
  • Insert link dialog: some accelerator keys changed
  • Insert Picture (Write tab): a second link to the screen capture tool has been inserted in the drop-down menu of this button for easier access. 
  • Synchronize tool now handles repositories

Revised document import:

  • Winhelp (.hpj) import: this function has been completely reimplemented, making it significantly faster and more accurate when resolving links.
  • HTML Help (.chm) import: improved style handling, small bug fixes.
  • Word/RTF import: in-document links are now resolved, one rare case of crash has been fixed.
  • Generic HTML import: improved style handling and extended import options implemented.

Other bug fixes, changes and improvements:

  • Visual Studio Help (.mshc): problems with toggles fixed for VS 2012. The MSHC server modifies the HTML source at runtime and inserts hard-coded image path to every image, breaking our toggle images. The new toggle script now preserves any existing path and re-uses it.
  • Problem fix for Webhelp: collapse unfocused entries delivery false positives in some cases (javascript fix) and a script leak in the frame template was fixed to prevent cross-site scripting.
  • Find & Replace: bugfix when doing a bulk search with “whole word”, when clicking an entry of the result list, the first instance of the search term was highlighted regardless of the “whole word” option.
  • Topic editor and spell checker: the characters « and » are now recognized as quote characters.
  • PDF output: named destinations did not work in some cases. Named are now all exported as lowercase. Furthermore, the strikethrough format was not placed correctly and the trademark ™ symbol forced entire line to be exported as glyphs, which has been fixed. Also changed: you can now use variables with the owner and user password.
  • Subversion: modal dialog problem fixed, bug fix for German umlauts in project names.
  • Project report: images that exist in baggage files only, were flagged as “missing” in the full project report, snippets located in the project were wrong.
  • Snippets: when inserting snippets as a copy, the snippet styles were not correctly applied. Switching between screen and print preview did not switch the linked snippets.
  • HTML Help (.chm): if the CHM window title contained double quotes, they were not properly replaced by single quotes (MS HTML Help Workshop cannot deal with double quotes in the window title).
  • After performing “Save as”, some table of contents entries could become read-only when a right-click on the TOC was performed right after this.
  • Minor glitches in EPUB fixed.
  • Problem with SourceGear Vault VCS fixed.



Version 6.3 is a free update for all 6.x users. Please get the update from our download page:



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