Premium Pack updates for H&M 6.3

The Premium Pack 1.x and 2.x packages have both been updated for compatibility with Help & Manual 6.3. This was necessary to support the new option that makes it possible to link to CHM context ID numbers with URLs in WebHelp, so that your programmers can use the same IDs for linking to both CHM help files and the WebHelp versions. In addition to this all three packages (including 1.x for HM5) have also been updated to correct a couple of very obscure potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that we have become aware of (to the best of our knowledge, these have never been exploited). And as an additional freebie, the 1.56 update package for HM6 now also includes the full 2.20 version of the iPad skin with offline web app support.

How to get the updates:

If you are a registered user of any of these Premium Pack packages (1.x for HM5, 1.x for HM6, 2.x for HM6) you can get the new 1.56 and 2.20 versions with the download link and installation key you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you have misplaced those please contact support AT (replace the AT with @)  and we will help you out.

Change Log

In addition to the above, the following minor fixes and improvements are included in the updates: Read the rest of this entry »

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Help+Manual 6.3: Webhelp with context numbers and revised import

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.3! This is a free update for all registered 6.xx users.

The focus for this update was on the import functions – Winhelp, Robohelp, HTML and Word/RTF import have been revised or completely reimplemented. The Winhelp (.hlp) import in particular has become significantly faster, Robohelp import reads more project details (e.g. conditional text), Word/RTF import now fully resolves in-document links and the generic HTML import has got extended import options.

The second most important new feature is about Webhelp: Help & Manual’s Webhelp has always been context-sensitive and you could display a particular topic by referencing the topic ID after the question mark in the url. Now, we added context numbers as well! Help & Manual 6.3 exports Webhelp with context numbers that can be called alternatively, similar to the context-sensitive help calls in HTML Help.

Furthermore, we have added new features to the UI to improve usability and implemented an option to exclude topics from full-text search in CHM files.

Last, not least, we have fixed several bugs in Visual Studio Help (.mshc), especially with multiple projects.

Adjustable font size for the main window UI


New features in version 6.3: 

  • Webhelp: context numbers implemented
  • Webhelp: after publishing H&M now automatically opens the selected topic in the browser (like with CHM files). This will illustrate how to use Webhelp with context-sensitivity, without explaining it with lots of words.
  • Webhelp: sitemaps are split if they exceed the maximum size of 50.000 urls or 10 megabyte in size
  • HTML Help (.chm): topics that start with an underscore “_” can be excluded from search (new option in HTML > Misc)
  •  New editor option (in File > Program Options): smart selection. If switched off, the topic editor uses a character-only selection, more suitable for Asian languages.
  • Main window UI: menus now use system font size instead of hard-coded font size. The View tab has a new option to adjust the menu font size relatively to the system font (smaller/default/larger).
  • Topic editor, ruler above editor: the ruler got a context menu to quickly access the paragraph options and to customize the topic editor
  • Topic editor: when making selected text a keyword, soft hyphens are filtered out
  • PNG images in editor show alpha transparency
  • Insert link dialog: some accelerator keys changed
  • Insert Picture (Write tab): a second link to the screen capture tool has been inserted in the drop-down menu of this button for easier access. 
  • Synchronize tool now handles repositories

Revised document import:

  • Winhelp (.hpj) import: this function has been completely reimplemented, making it significantly faster and more accurate when resolving links.
  • HTML Help (.chm) import: improved style handling, small bug fixes.
  • Word/RTF import: in-document links are now resolved, one rare case of crash has been fixed.
  • Generic HTML import: improved style handling and extended import options implemented.

Other bug fixes, changes and improvements:

  • Visual Studio Help (.mshc): problems with toggles fixed for VS 2012. The MSHC server modifies the HTML source at runtime and inserts hard-coded image path to every image, breaking our toggle images. The new toggle script now preserves any existing path and re-uses it.
  • Problem fix for Webhelp: collapse unfocused entries delivery false positives in some cases (javascript fix) and a script leak in the frame template was fixed to prevent cross-site scripting.
  • Find & Replace: bugfix when doing a bulk search with “whole word”, when clicking an entry of the result list, the first instance of the search term was highlighted regardless of the “whole word” option.
  • Topic editor and spell checker: the characters « and » are now recognized as quote characters.
  • PDF output: named destinations did not work in some cases. Named are now all exported as lowercase. Furthermore, the strikethrough format was not placed correctly and the trademark ™ symbol forced entire line to be exported as glyphs, which has been fixed. Also changed: you can now use variables with the owner and user password.
  • Subversion: modal dialog problem fixed, bug fix for German umlauts in project names.
  • Project report: images that exist in baggage files only, were flagged as “missing” in the full project report, snippets located in the project were wrong.
  • Snippets: when inserting snippets as a copy, the snippet styles were not correctly applied. Switching between screen and print preview did not switch the linked snippets.
  • HTML Help (.chm): if the CHM window title contained double quotes, they were not properly replaced by single quotes (MS HTML Help Workshop cannot deal with double quotes in the window title).
  • After performing “Save as”, some table of contents entries could become read-only when a right-click on the TOC was performed right after this.
  • Minor glitches in EPUB fixed.
  • Problem with SourceGear Vault VCS fixed.



Version 6.3 is a free update for all 6.x users. Please get the update from our download page:



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Official beta of Help & Manual 6.3 available for download

We are glad to announce the official BETA version of the upcoming Help & Manual 6.3 release!

Download here: … p-v630.exe

Please note, that this setup will attempt to overwrite any existing 6.x installation. This beta version is stable, but – well, it is a beta version. Please post any questions or feedback to the user forum at: 

What’s new?

The major focus for this update was on the import functions. We have completely reimplemented the Winhelp (.hpj) import and improved HTML, CHM and RTF/Word import. So when you are testing this beta version, please take a look at the import functions.

Import functions

  • Winhelp (.hpj) import was completely reimplemented and should work flawlessly. Because we eliminated and reimplemented the old RTF parser, this function has become at least 10 times faster than before.
  • RTF/Word import: besides a few smaller glitches that concerned font sizes, Help & Manual now properly resolves in-document links and external links. Embedded images are still numbers (because they don’t have names) but are named with a project prefix. Multiple imports of the same RTF document will produce the same images again.
  • HTML and CHM import: the import options have a new selection, to filter the first <H2> tag of a HTML page and use it as topic header. Style naming has been improved and in some cases, German umlauts and special characters caused unwanted line breaks (bugfix). Also fixed: HTML pages with colored background are filtered out and imported as white.

Webhelp export

The Webhelp output now implements help context numbers for easier context sensitive help.  For details, please refer to this help topic in the online version of the help  (note that this is a context number call): … extid=7380

Note: to enable help context calls for your own Webhelp system, you need to either reset the Webhelp navigation template, or – if you are using a skin, tweak the template of the skin file. The next update of the Premium Pack will include the necessary modifications.

User interface improvements and bug fixes

  • Main window UI: menus now use system font size instead of hard-coded font size. The View tab has a new option to adjust the menu font size relatively to the system font (smaller/default/larger).
    New HM UI font setting

    A new font adjustment setting is available for the Help & Manual user interface

  • Topic editor, ruler above editor: the ruler got a context menu to quickly access the paragraph options and to customize the topic editor
  • Topic editor and spell checker: the characters « and » are now recognized as quote characters.
  • Topic editor – new option in File > Program Options: Smart selection. If switched off, the topic editor uses a character-only selection, more suitable for Asian languages.
  • Topic editor: checkbox “Topic has separate header” made a bit smaller (not full width)
  • Topic editor: PNG images in editor show alpha transparency
  • Topic editor: When making selected text a keyword, soft hyphens are filtered out
  • Find & Replace: small bugfix when doing a bulk search with “whole word”
  • Mini-glitch in topic spell check changed (referenece viewtopic.php?f=30&t=12419&p=50840 )
  • SubVersion: bug with German umlauts in project names fixed
  • Project report: images that exist in baggage files only, were flagged as “missing” in the full project report
  • Insert link dialog: some accelerator keys changed
  • Insert table dialog: number of rows was limited to 999 rows
  • Projects files: the file list was refreshed too often when expanding the project files section, causing delays with large projects
  • PDF export: strikethrough format was not placed correctly
  • EPUB export: minor glitches fixed

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Win a ticket to the dotnet Cologne 2013 conference on May 3

On May 3. EC Software will once again be exhibiting at the dotnet Cologne, our favorite conference in Germany for the .NET development community. We are raffling off two full tickets for the conference. For a chance to win one of them, just post a comment/answer to our Facebook posting about the conference, the winners will be chosen from everyone who responds:

Click here to respond to the Facebook posting for a chance to win a free ticket

Click here to visit the dotnet Cologne website

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Premium Pack 2.15 Maintenance Update

The Premium Pack 2.15 update is now available for download. It adds a social sharing tool for Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn and Mail, support for the new Disqus 2012 commenting update and a number of other features and fixes.

New customers will get it automatically. If you already have version 2 you can get the update by downloading with the same link and personal installation password you received when you purchased. The new versions of the skins will be installed in new folders; they won’t overwrite the older versions.

Premium Pack 2.15 is a maintenance update that only affects the WebHelp and Dual-Mode Classic skins. The iPad, CHM and Smartphone skins all remain unchanged.

See this page for general information on the Premium Pack. Visit our shop page to purchase.

WebHelp Skins – New Features

  • Social Sharing tool
    You can activate a new Share tool in the WebHelp toolbar to share the current topic on Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn and by email.
  • Print Search Highlights
    A new configuration option (PRINT_HILITE configuration variable) allows you to include the yellow highlights in the printout when the user prints a search results page.
  • Optional Print dialog display
    A new configuration option (AUTO_PRINT configuration variable) makes activation of the Print dialog optional when the user selects the Print tool in the WebHelp toolbar. When AUTO_PRINT is set to false the print preview is displayed with an additional Print button at the top that the user must click to start printing.
  • Favicon support
    You can now include your own favicon with your WebHelp output. Favicons are the little icons that are displayed in the tabs of web pages in web browsers.
  • Open with header box closed
    Normally, the header box above the toolbar in the WebHelp interface is open when the user first accesses the help. You can now set a configuration variable (3FRAME_STARTCLOSED) that will make your WebHelp open with the header box closed by default.

WebHelp Skins — Issues and Fixes

  • Disqus comments
    The Disqus online commenting system is now updating all accounts to their new Disqus 2012 comment format. This is now identified and displayed correctly.
  • Linux browser identification
    Some Linux browsers on 64-bit Linux distributions were incorrectly identified as Android devices. This has been corrected.
  • Permalink tool caption
    The Permalink tool caption did not have a configuration variable to allow you to change the text. Now it does (HELP_URL_TITLE)

Dual-Mode Classic Skins

  • Disqus comments
    The Dual-Mode Classic skins have also been updated for the new Disqus 2012 format, to which all Disqus user accounts are being updated.

 More information:

, ,

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Help & Manual 6.2.3 Maintenance Update

This is a maintenance update, free for all registered users of Help+Manual 6!

Update v6.2.3 Build 2670

  • Project report: the “long project report” now includes a check for invalid custom builds. Use the long project report to detect broken conditional text tags. Bug fix: dead links in topics were not marked red in the report.
  • Word (RTF) export: color tables were wrong
  • Spell check, customize word list: the dialog did not scale correctly on systems with large fonts
  • Dropdown toggles: the toggle icon now got a class name “dropdown-toggle-icon” and the CSS stylesheet was extended to associate a hand-pointer cursor to all toggle icons.
  • CHM import: small bug fix for TOC entries that were child items of runtime-merge nodes
  • HPJ import: small bugfix for images that were used as links
  • Insert screenshot toggle: image padding is now memorized.
  • Splitting or copying tables which contained bullets, caused subsequent errors in editor and could crash the program
  • When a merged sub-project was deleted right after inserting it, an access violation occurred
  • If you missed the 6.2 update with really a lot of new features, please read on about the 6.2 release


Version 6.2.3 is a free update for all 6.x users. Please get the update from our download page:


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Help & Manual 6.2.2 Maintenance Update

This is a small maintenance update, free for all registered users of Help+Manual 6!

Update v6.2.2 Build 2636

  • IME positioning problems for Japanese and Korean fixed
  • In some cases, loading of snippets inside tables failed during export
  • Splitting a table into two tables caused images in the second table to temporary disappear
  • Insert image dialog box: when an image is not in the search path, H&M offered to add the path or to copy the image. A third option has been added to cancel the task.
  • If you missed the 6.2 update with really a lot of new features, please read on about the 6.2 release


Version 6.2.2 is a free update for all 6.x users. Please get the update from our download page:



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TNT demo and review on FindMySoft

FindMySoft ( has written an extensive and very nice review for our capture tool TNT Screen Capture. Check out the review from the link below!

TNT Screen Capture is our freeware tool for creating stunning screenshots, with intuitive editing tools for turning them into professional illustrations for your documentation. It’s a great add-on for Help & Manual, but it can also be used as a stand-alone tool for all your screen capture needs. It is completely free for both private and commercial use!

Download Free TNT Screen Capture from FindMySoft

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Documentation Insight supports Help+Manual

Documentation Insight from DevJet Software is a Delphi and RAD Studio plugin that helps you to document source code. It produces Webhelp, compiled HTML Help and, with the latest update, Help+Manual project files.

Documentation Insight integrates directly into the Delphi/RAD Studio IDE. This is a huge advantage over other source code documentation tools like Microsoft Sandcastle for Visual Studio. It scans your project, whether it is a Win32 application, a DLL or a component suite, builds a documentation skeleton from properties, functions and events.

Project in the Delphi IDE

Project in the Delphi IDE


The Documentation Inspector is a rich text editor to document classes and procedures in place. You put the cursor to a class defined in your source code and the editor window, which as an overlay window or docks into the IDE, updates automatically to that class, function or event that you pointed to. It offers an easy editing layout for standard code documentation. Changes to the documentation are stored directly in the source code.

Documentation Inspector Window

Documentation Inspector Window


When you are done with editing, you set the publishing options and start generating the documentation. Though you can tweak the templates, most of the process is automatic and the resulting Webhelp, CHM or HxS file has the look and feel of classic Visual Studio documentation.


Publish dialog of Documentation Insight

Publish dialog of Documentation Insight


There is however, one limitation that has to do with source code documentation in general: formatting is limited and additional topics/chapters that are not directly related to a source code unit are impossible, because the documentation is stored in the source files, where it belongs. The new version of Documenation Insight overcomes this limitation with another publishing format: it generates the documenation in Help+Manual project format. The result doesn’t open in a browser, you can open it directly in Help+Manual, complete and formatted.



The formatted project opened in Help+Manual

The formatted project opened in Help+Manual


You might want to use Help+Manual to edit the project with the environment you are familiar with, before you publish it as Webhelp, compiled help or PDF manual. Or you might want to integrate the source documentation into a larger scope, as part of your application documentation, for internal use. The merge function in Help+Manual can easily integrate a separate project into a master documentation.


Features at a glance:

  • WYSIWYG xml documentation editor
  • Live Documentation Explorer
  • Live Spell Check
  • Generates Webhelp
  • Generates compiled HTML Help (.chm)
  • Generates Microsoft Help V2 file and integrate into RAD Studio Documentation
  • Generates Help+Manual files
  • Documentation Formatter
  • Documentation Validation
  • Support most common XML tags
  • Support collapsible region to manage documentation
  • Synchronization between code and documentation
  • Integration with VCL API Documentation
  • Integration with Help Insight
  • Hyperlink Navigation
  • Customizable Region styles
  • Several note styles
  • Code Snippet editor

Supported IDEs:

Delphi 7, RAD Studio 2007/2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3

 Supported versions of Help+Manual:

Version 5 and 6, Basic, Professional and Server


Documentation Insight 2 (Enterprise Edition) is €249.

Summary from the editor:

Combines the best of source code documentation and external documentation and perfectly integrates into Delphi/RAD Studio as well as Help+Manual.


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Case study: Process documentation at SERVICE&MORE

SERVICE&MORE is a service provider to medium-sized interior design consultancies and furniture retailers who, through 2 purchasing associations, looks after more than 230 members all over Austria.

SERVICE&MORE’s extensive range of services is what predominantly sets them apart. Besides the centralized purchasing of furniture and interior décor, they also support most small and middle-sized companies in their core competencies. SERVICE&MORE provides not only service, marketing and business management, but also a diverse range of specialized services, including an extensive training program with an e-learning platform.

Assimilated process documentation

The sheer amount of information in a company makes nowadays makes it necessary to document the internal processes and procedures. What used to be depicted in Word documents, Excel sheets and HTML sites should now all be consolidated and managed centrally by two employees. Therefore, the first particular challenge was to enable a seamless integration with the internal Content Management System. The second important task was to restructure the documentation procedure in order to avoid repeating content that appears several times – quality management, also for internal documentation. The last but most important task was to make a complex system user friendly with no teething problems – simple for even those employees whose main occupation doesn’t deal with documentation.

Close collaboration with the creator of the CMS

The people who were responsible became quickly convinced by the user friendliness of Help & Manual because it made it easier for the users to concentrate on writing the content. But could the program be incorporated into the current Content Management System?

This concern was successfully addressed with “Webhelp” and the PDF Export from Help & Manual. The company’s internal CMS is a customer specific solution which delivers database driven contents, as well as, static documents (HTML sites, PDF and Word data, spreadsheets, etc.) via the internal browser network. It succeeded in achieving a space in CMS for the extensive HTML documentation to be completely incorporated into the general layout of the intranet.

Documentation workflow, CMS delivers integrated content

Re-use of existing content

Even internal processes often cross over and parts of a process are then found in other processes. In order to maintain the volume of documentation to a manageable level, these should be consolidated to avoid duplication.

That’s where Help & Manual was able to assist with a highly modular structure of the documentation project. Segments were moved to separate projects and then added again as components into the superior process documentation.

Process documentation at SERVICE&MORE

Process documentation at SERVICE&MORE


Implementation period: just a few weeks

In summary, we can say that integration was very successful. The software fulfills all of the stipulated technical requirements and, for the employee, all of the visible documentation is seamlessly embedded in the Content Management System.

Whereas projects of this size normally take months to implement, we were able to implement the combination with Help & Manual within just a few weeks – from the completed planning phase to going live; an advantage not to be underestimated.


As a professional partner in the interior design sector, SERVICE&MORE offers medium sized companies everything they need in order to remain successful in the age of mass production providers. With the purchasing associations GARANT-MÖBEL Austria and WOHNUNION, SERVICE&MORE looks after more than 230 furniture retailers and interior designers.

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