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Help+Manual 6.4 Maintenance Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.4! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users.

Besides several small changes and improvements,  we have added the functionality to conditionally include/exclude entire table rows and columns. Help & Manual always had extensive support for conditional text on chapter, topic and text level. Excluding entire table rows or columns, however, was not possible and this has been changed:

The second new feature is about translation of images. Impict, the full featured image editor that comes bundled with Help & Manual, can batch process translated texts. To explain it simply, you save the text fields of Impict images to XML files, let them translate, then re-import the translation into the original image. Manually. If anything changes, the process needs to be repeated. With version 6.4 you can do the re-import and export to another image format in a batch process, folder by folder, not image by image.

Minor changes

  • Webhelp: sitemap url can contain user variables.
  • Webhelp: Default for FORCETOCSYNC setting in configuration changed to FALSE.
  • Webhelp: small bug fix, the file that contains HTML popup topics was not released after Webhelp export, effectively locking it until H&M was closed.
  • Webhelp main skin changed, so that TOC is no longer automatically synchronized. TOC link implemented in header with rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  • PDF/Print: wrong page break calculation caused floating images on the first line of a topic to hang off the bottom of the page.
  • Toggles (dropdown texts) in PDF: when “no icon” is specified, H&M removes the indentation before the text heading, toggle images with caption were exported as left aligned.
  • Toggle images: when using the variable <%HMFIGURECOUNTER%> in the title or caption of a toggle image (and using the same settings for expanded/collapsed), the counter was incremented twice.
  • Toggle images: using a percent “%” character in the title or caption of a toggle caused a runtime Javascript error (the script in helpman_topicinit.js did a decodeURI for every attribute, not just for the hm.srcX attributes.
  • ePUB: rare TOC export error fixed (chapter heading without text and no sub-entries caused H&M to stop the compilation).
  • Multiple ampersands in text caused Russian text to be not converted in CHMs on a Russian windows system.
  • Bugfixes topic editor: when inserting rows or columns in a table and the context menu was called by pressing the Windows menu button, H&M created an AV (in Richview, actually). Word-break before parantheses was possible such as in function();. Bullets problem on Polish Windows 7 fixed (Wingdings #216 and #217 were not displayed correctly). Inserting new videos: the text style “Image Caption” is now applied by default.
  • When creating a link with drag & drop from the TOC into a topic and the source project was not identical with the target project, the project reference was not assigned.
  • RTF export: small bug fixed, when duplicate chapter headings (non-topics) were not repeated
  • Invalid PNG images could crash H&M
  • CHM import: when a CHM contained ambigious image names (duplicate images in different internal folders), the image names were not correctly resolved in some cases (e.g. with “..\myfolder\image.jpg”)
  • Positioning of dialog windows on secondary monitors improved, positioning of the image padding popup window on secondary monitors was wrong.
  • Full project report: videos and video preview images are reported. Furthermore, when toggle image used a different picture for collapsed view, this picture was missing in the project report.
  • Subversion: updated message when connecting to an SVN repository, plus an OK message when successful. Host address is internally lowercased to avoid crash with SVN, URL protection added to browsing function.



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