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Help+Manual 6.5 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.5! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

This update fixes a critical bug – a small memory leak – in the handling of PNG images. Although small and only affected by PNG images, the memory allocated by Help & Manual can increase to an amount where H&M crashes. We recommend to install this update for this bug fix alone!

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.5:

    • Fix – Small memory leak with PNG images fixed.
    • HxS export (Visual Studio 20xx format): when variables were used in the table of contents, the variables were not resolved.
    • Table styles: when a table style contained spaced, the original name including the spaces was exported to HTML. This did not affect the table CSS, because the CSS is inline, but could have caused validation errors.
    • EXE eBook export: the hanging indent in numbered lists in Windows EXE eBooks was not exact. This affected EXE eBooks only, all other HTML based exports were ok.
    • Program options: when changing the UI language, H&M asks to restart automatically.
    • New – Full-text search in Webhelp: when the user enters a word in double quotation marks, the search function treats this as “exact match” search and returns full matches only.

Update May 7, Build 2961:

    • Google Analytics tracking in Webhelp: the tracking script for Google Analytics now tests if the same page has been tracked before, to prevent multiple consecutive tracks of the same page (e.g. when the page is reloaded). Multiple page tracks could reduce the search ranking in Google.
      Furthermore, in-site searches are not tracked as help events rather than page tracks.




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