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Help+Manual 7.0 Build 3630

We have updated Help+Manual 7 build 3630!

This update fixes an error that occurred when importing RTF or CHM files and makes a change to the table columns sizing rules: when a table column has a dedicated (small) width and the table cell contains a fixed-sized image that is larger than the dedicated width, the image stretches the table column to the required width, like a web browser does. This is the desired behaviour and that’s how it was in H&M version 6. With the new responsive images, this little detail went missing and was hard to detect, because in most cases, table columns are sized to fit their content. But it broke a few older H&M projects with table colums that were (unintentionally) too small.

Another change has been made to the syntax highlighter and the spell check configuration to automatically read the configuration of a previously installed version 6. Those settings are highly customizable and carrying them over from an older version is just more convenient.

New Style Shortcuts

The shortcuts customization list in Program Options includes 3 new shortcuts to directly open the style list and font name/size lists with the keyboard:


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Help+Manual 7 Maintenance Update

We have updated Help+Manual 7 build 3625! This update fixes a couple of smaller issues in the recent 7.0 release and is recommended for all 7.0 users.

  • Manual designer: drawing error with tiled bitmaps
  • Topic editor: executing links to anchors in the same topic with CTRL+Click did not work
  • Project explorer, TOC: 2 icons were mixed up
  • Spell check configuration dialog: access violation error in some rare situation fixed
  • Spell check dictionaries: German dictionary changed
  • $ symbols at the beginning of topic IDs are permitted again, except for TFS, because TFS cannot handle files starting with a $ symbol
  • DOCX export: variables were not always replaced when publishing the document
  • RTF import: problem with Unicode bullets fixed
  • Variables in the publish tasks were not used in command line mode, if the variable replaced a pre-defined variable
  • Comments when shown as icon could not be made fullsize again in the dialog.
  • Improved Find & Replace function

Furthermore, we have updated the responsive skins that are shipped as standard skins with Help+Manual to improve compatibility with older mobile browsers.

This is, however, not the last update on the new skins. After the release of Help+Manual 7, we got a lot of feedback on the new responsive Webhelp and we are still working on new skins, to integrate your wishes and requirements. Stay tuned for updated and new skins with more configuration options in the next couple of weeks. Those upcoming minor updates, as well as this one, are of course free for registered v7 users.

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New Major Release: Help+Manual 7 is Here!

We are happy to announce the official release of Help+Manual 7!

We literally worked on every detail and implemented many user suggestions in this release. Help+Manual 7 is fully compatible with ultra-high resolution monitors and the editor supports a real zoom. Completely new is the Microsoft Word output in DOCX format, ePUB 3.0, Amazon Kindle, and the eWriter eBooks for Windows: a new format with the potential to be a full replacement for CHM files as documentation for Windows.

Key Features in Version 7

  • Responsive Webhelp, responsive images, web videos and SVG
  • Multiple TOCs and version control
  • New publishing formats: Word (DOCX), ePUB 3.0, Amazon Kindle, EWriter eBooks
  • PDF output: support for PDF/A, better font embedding, improved table rendering, chapter feature images
  • Lots of detail changes to the user interface, improving usability

Feature overview:


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Help & Manual 6.5.6 Maintenance Update

Together with new major release of Help+Manual 7, we have updated the previous version 6 to Help & Manual 6.5.6. This is a small maintenance update only – free for all registered 6.xx users – with one important change.

Bug fixes in version 6.5.6:

  • Webhelp: XSS cross-site-scripting vulnerability fixed
  • Bug fix for a rare error, that occurred when OLE objects and toggle images were placed in the same table cell.
  • PDF: optical glitch with Japanese and Western text combined.


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Help+Manual 6.5.1 & Premium Pack Update

Help & Manual has been updated to version 6.5.1. This update fixes a vulnerability in the Webhelp index page script, that could possibly have been a door to execute malicious javascript code. The vulnerability is fixed in the default templates, in the standard skins included with Help & Manual and in the Premium Pack skins.

Premium Pack Update

The Help & Manual Premium Pack download packages for Help & Manual 6 have been updated to versions 2.41 and 1.61. This is generally a maintenance update but it includes a major update for the smartphone skins, which now support Help & Manual’s normal integrated search for WebHelp. This is much easier to use and configure and is generally preferable.

These updates apply to the full Premium Pack version 2 package and the separate Premium Pack version 1 package for Help & Manual 6. In addition to this the download package for Help & Manual 5 has been updated to version 1.57 with some minor corrections and adjustment of the iPad skin there for compatibility with the current version of iOS.

In addition to this the help has been updated with a reference of the include options you can use when using the Premium Pack skins for command line and batch publishing.

How to get the updates:

Important – update Help & Manual as well: The search support in the smartphone skins  update requires the Help & Manual 6.5.1 Build 2970 update released on May 30, 2014. It won’t work without it because the search components won’t be exported with these skins if you use an earlier version of Help & Manual.

You can download and install the updated version with the same download link and installation password from the mail you received when you purchased the Premium Pack. If you no longer have this please contact and we will help you out.

Change log:

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Help+Manual 6.5 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.5! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

This update fixes a critical bug – a small memory leak – in the handling of PNG images. Although small and only affected by PNG images, the memory allocated by Help & Manual can increase to an amount where H&M crashes. We recommend to install this update for this bug fix alone!

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.5:

    • Fix – Small memory leak with PNG images fixed.
    • HxS export (Visual Studio 20xx format): when variables were used in the table of contents, the variables were not resolved.
    • Table styles: when a table style contained spaced, the original name including the spaces was exported to HTML. This did not affect the table CSS, because the CSS is inline, but could have caused validation errors.
    • EXE eBook export: the hanging indent in numbered lists in Windows EXE eBooks was not exact. This affected EXE eBooks only, all other HTML based exports were ok.
    • Program options: when changing the UI language, H&M asks to restart automatically.
    • New – Full-text search in Webhelp: when the user enters a word in double quotation marks, the search function treats this as “exact match” search and returns full matches only.

Update May 7, Build 2961:

    • Google Analytics tracking in Webhelp: the tracking script for Google Analytics now tests if the same page has been tracked before, to prevent multiple consecutive tracks of the same page (e.g. when the page is reloaded). Multiple page tracks could reduce the search ranking in Google.
      Furthermore, in-site searches are not tracked as help events rather than page tracks.




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Review from

The editors of the Polish software website have recently reviewed Help & Manual. The original review is in Polish, but below is a link to an automated translation by Google:

Nowoczesne, niezastąpione narzędzie do tworzenia oraz edycji plików pomocy w różnych formatach ( PDF, WinHELP, HTML Help, e-Book), ze wzorowanym na edytorze tekstów interfejsem. Pozwala nie tylko tworzyć zrzuty ekranowe (screen capture), czy dowolnie kształtować szablony dokumentów, ale też projektować i drukować różnego rodzaju instrukcje dla użytkowników. Dlatego cieszy się uznaniem programistów, jako najlepsze tego typu narzędzie, którego wysoka skuteczność zaowocowała wieloma nagrodami.

Original review:

Translated by Google:




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Help+Manual 6.4.1 Update

We are glad to announce the release of Help+Manual 6.4.1! This is a free maintenance update for all registered 6.xx users and strongly recommend.

With the recent release of version 6.4 we had implemented an update to the internal error tracking system used in Help+Manual. Unfortunately, this updated error tracker causes errors instead of just tracking and reporting them. Several new runtime errors occurred which were magically gone when removing the bug tracker. Version 6.4.1 now has the error tracking system removed, to aovid these problems.

We appologize for the problems and recommend to install v6.4.1 over your existing 6.x version.

Changes, improvements and bug fixes in version 6.4.1:

    • New – Insert topics dialog:  detailed and dedicated options to include references to external CHMs added. It is possible to specify the HHC file of the external CHM and a dedicated relative path.
    • Two small bug fixes in XML schema Helpproject.xsd.
    • Styles: it was possible to create a style without a name.
    • PDF: underlines of justified text improved.
    • Print dialog now remembersinclude options.
    • Autobackup timer is reset every time, the project is saved manually
    • Rare error fixed when closing the tab of the main project
    • The variable <%TOPIC_DESCRIPTION%> included comments objects, which could be exported to HTML this way.
    • Help windows: 8-character restriction for help window names removed
    • Bullet points in Webhelp and EPUB: the symbol character #183 was encoded as a large circle, instead of a smaller dot.
    • Customize bullet lists dialog: entering a new format string manually could result in an access violation.
    • HPJ import: if topic footnotes were declared as endnotes, H&M did not import them correctly.
    • Selection in editor: when the project BiDiMode was <> default, selected text became white.





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